The Need ...

The REAL Story

of the 1.6 million cheerleaders ages 5 to 12 years old:

  • 64% participate in regional competitions.
  • 49% participate in a national cheerleading championship.
  • 84% participate in a summer cheerleading camp.

Are they being reached?

  • 1.6 million cheerleaders ages 5 to 12
  • 4 million cheerleaders nationwide
  • America's fasted growing sport
  • Are You Reaching These Potential Leaders?

FCC - Parent Company to Impact Cheerleading
"Christ Centered Cheerleading Excellence Worldwide"

  • Founded in 1986 - over 20 years in cheerleading ministry
  • Endorsed nationally by the Association of Christian Schools International
  • ACSI represents over 8,000 schools and 2 million students nationwide
  • FCC will minister to over 15,000 students a year through camps, clinics, conferences and competitions.
  • FCC annually conducts mission trips to the Czech Republic, Croatia and Slovenia.

Visit The Fellowship of Christian Cheerleader's Website at for more information.