The Impact Program

V.I.P. Program

Impact has developed the V.I.P. Program to help you get started.


There are 2 key Volunteers needed:

  • Coordinator - Administrative / Organizational Skills
  • Coaches - Willing to learn and teach technically and minister spiritually


As part of the program each participate receives the following:

  • Cheerleading Uniform Vendor Provided
  • Pom Pons (optional add on)
  • Impact Practice T-Shirt
  • Impact Music and Instructional Download
  • Impact Stuff Pack
  • Impact Devotional
  • Impact Hair Bow
  • End of the Year Gift


As part of your Start Up Kit you will receive the following:

  • Full Color Banner to hang in front of your church
  • Color Registration Brochures to hand out in your community
  • Full Color Post Cards to hand out in your community

Membership Has its Privileges

By partnering with Impact Cheerleading, you will receive the following:

  • Discounted Competition Registration Fees
  • Discounted Summer Camps Fees
  • Discounted National Christian Cheer Coaches' Conference Fees

These savings add up to more than the actual cost of the Impact Program!