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Cheerleading with a Purpose!

The Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders, our partner ministry, is the largest Christian Ministry in the world solely focused on sharing Christ to cheerleaders!

Impact Coaches Training

To Access the training videos or the Unique Access Password, please login to Team Manager and visit the Training Videos page under the Administrative Zone menu. At the top of the page, locate the unique Impact Password and return to this page.

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You can view all available training videos using the Unique Access Password from Team Manager through the link below:

View All Impact Training Videos
Impact Programs Only

Feel free to distribute this password to all your current, impact coaches in your program.

The Impact Coaches and Coordinators Training will cover the following:
  • Teaching Impact Devotions
  • Running a Productive Practice
  • Stunt Instruction
  • Jump Instruction
  • Game Day Etiquette
  • Choreography
  • Building a Competitive Program (Optional)
  • Competitions (Optional)
  • Kick Off Clinic
  • Athlete Recruitment
  • End of the Year Activities
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